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Sunday, June 14, 2009 Comments: 5

A Project which took me way too long to start, a project which was always close to my heart, a project not for me, rather for the people!!

Well, i can use lots of big words to define what Rickety arts is and what this blog is all about but i think i would prefer keeping it short and sweet, its a request based blog, where you request your desired graphics and we make it for you.

So now let me introduce the two people who are going to help you with it:

  • Ubaid Ullah Ahmed:
Yeah well thats me, and this blog is my 4th blog, you can call me waila, but yes i love blogging, and this blog would soon be converting into a web site. I am the face of Rickety arts, the one who is going to handle this project and am even the one who is launching it. you can add me on facebook and check out my other blog as well, which is full of graphics, following are the links which you can use to stalk me:

- Beyond The canvas
- My Facebook Profile
- My Orkut Profile
- My Flickr Account
- My Deviantart Account
- My Twitter Account

  • Umer Imam Ud Din:
Along with me is my best friend from school Umer, he is the one who is going to be a major part of Rickety arts, he's a great artist and a guy who is doing engineering, he won't be replying much to your comments but he'll be there for you all, when ever you guys need some assistance!!

*Now, when the introduction is done, let me tell you some basic rules of this blog, please make the requests in proper forms, and be patient about it, we'll fulfill your request you just have to be patient about it.

** A request as we would be doing this for you guys for free, we just request that you click on google adds and give us lots of page impressions daily so we can manage our fundings.

It would be fun helping all of you guys out there...

So people have fun, while getting what you require!!

Comments: 5

Ubaid :

thanks alot kid, keep visiting ;)

MiMi :

UMIIIII!!! this is site is absolutely lovely!! great job pulling all of it together you guys, im so proud of you :D you know that i adore all of your work right?? so i think its a great thing that you are doing something you love like this, keep at it always :) and whenever i need something that is remotely related to photoshop i will come to you :D:D
MiMi xx

Umer :

MIMIIIII!!!!!! yaay thanks for visiting!! :D and aww thankss!!

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