Band-Aid - 1

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 Comments: 4
Orignal Request:
Q1: Screen Resolution
I am going to give you my blog invitation its you can view for urself

Q2: favorite color?
(black and orange)

Q3: What do you want the colors in your theme be comprised of?
a: Dark Colors
c: Contrasting Colors

Q4: Do u have any specific image u want me to use in it ?
No but i wud want one with rain..sunsets..shadows images of people

Q5: Link of the place where you'll be placing it.

I hope you like it :) .... and i hope this is what you wanted, to download the full image click on picture or click HERE.

Do tell others, and comments would be welcomed :)

Comments: 4

silent screams :

lol cz this is aliza commentng from her account :P she asked me to do so for her :P lol

Ubaid :

hahahaha, did she even see what i made for her :p

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