Ringtone Request Form

Monday, June 15, 2009 Comments: 4
- What music styles you like?

- Favorite band(s)/artist(s)

- A specific song you would like to have as a ringtone

- A specific song you would like remixed as a ringtone...

- Surprise me!

Please understand that even if we are not able to attend to your request right away, we will be still monitoring it. That means that no request will be left unattended. Thanks.

Comments: 4

Jaat :

Song is a punjabi one- Gaddi by Jazzy B from his new album.

Ubaid :

ok, lemme find the song, i'll do it for you :)

Mohammad Altamash :

I badly need a good ringtone for my out date phone :P
Song-Jai Ho..(Pussy cat doll)Version
Thanks a lot man...

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