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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Comments: 8
Your request:
Okay, here's what I want... Either you do it or Umer... I've no problem... but I need it before 20th... if you can make it before then... I'll be grateful! (: Otherwise it's okay... don't bother to make it...

Anyway, you gotta improvise the following background I made using MS Paint:
It'll be put here:

Use the colours that have already been used: Black, orange, gray.

Keep everything the same. The logo on the right. The poems (with their images) on the left. Just kindly give it an artistic... interesting touch!! The one right now looks kinda boring ):

And let me know if you can't do if before 20th July...??
So that I've time to arrange something else :P Or at least get a little better at Corel...and improvise it myself :D

Thanks (:

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Comments: 8

momalmushtaq :

Gosh... I totally love it :P :P :P
It's awesome (:
Will have another request soon :D

Ubaid :

umer deserves the credit :D

and by the way spread the word about our blog :)

Umer :

@momal: yaay glad you like it!! :)

@Ubaid: thanks bro

momalmushtaq :

Well, I'm gonna review your blog at my blog :P :P
And I've a suggestion... instead of putting a logo of your blog down there somewhere... I suggest a simple copyright symbol and Rickety Arts. That way if people like your work, they'd search for you and find your bloggie :P :P :P

Ubaid :

thanks for this... we would love to get a review...

and by the way we would still keep the logo on it... but yes we are thinking of adding a web address to it, but we don't wanna spoil the look of what we make, so that why we just use our logo!!

Umer :

@ momal: yeahhh i'm making that copyright thingy, i'll post it on your next request

momalmushtaq :

Well, that logo of yours didn't even appear when I upload the background at Twitter... maybe because it was way too in the bottom and Twitter uses fixed backgrounds :S
Anyway, I believe a small "© Rickety Arts" somewhere won't look that bad (:

Umer :

okayy.. well i'll put that the next time :D

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