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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 Comments: 4
First template design by Rickety is launched, this one is a personal one, i made it for someone else in the start but i think that doesn't go with her image so i redesigned it and uploaded it on my friends blog, its looking awesome according to me :p the design is not completely mine, but it has been completely modified by me....

Check out the blog to see this work PATHLESSWAYS .....

comments are welcome :)

Comments: 4

pathlessways :

talking about the blog....i hardly need to comment on this site..... it speaks for itself..... all i can say is..... it seriously is..... AALA....

and btw.... the template is also awesome.... very soothing....

Ubaid :

oyeee thanks buddy, i thought you didn't had words to say ;)

thanks alot, and by the way we can keep on refreshing your template day by day, i have made few extra skins for you :)

pathlessways :

i didn't..... but you said you needed comments:p

Ubaid :

hahahahahah ok that shouldn't have been said in public :p

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