Sina's Request 1!

Friday, June 26, 2009 Comments: 9
Sina requested:

Theme: TV-Show, Grey's Anatomy -> Meredith&Derek
Size: 800x600
Fav color: black, blue (dark or light, not so important),
Colors: Contrasting colors
Specific image:

Click to enlarge and save!! Comments and criticizm will be appreciated.. Thanks for requesting! :D

Comments: 9

Lunatic.... :

awww such cute pic!!! but i wish the frame colors were a lil more subtle and pastel

Ubaid :



i'll give the message to the designer....

Umer :

thank you siras!!

and thanks for critic lunatic! :D i'll be more subtle next time..

Asma :

nice work .. ah but this is too purplish, no? :S

Sina :

Thank you soo much, Umer :) again, awesome work. Cheered me up *hugs*

Umer :

thank youu asma! :D well the thing is, i tried blue but it didnt look that good..soo i went with purple...

Yayy sinaa! glad you like it :D

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