Sunday, July 12, 2009 Comments: 5
Q1: Screen Resolution
you already know it

Q2: favorite color?
dark pink and black

Q3: What do you want the colors in your theme be comprised of?
a: Dark Color
c: Contrasting Colors

Q4: Do u have any specific image u want me to use in it ?
(use any of my sketch or shadow kind of picture but i want it to be all smudgy and dark)

Q5: Link of the place where you'll be placing it.

click to enlarge :D

Comments: 5

Ubaid :

OK THIS IS VEHSSSHIIII ufff lag raha hai dude... i love it :D

Umer :

thanks dude! now i hope the one who requested it likes it

Lunatic.... :

this is OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cnt expresss in words how much I am in love with it awesome awesome awesome :D

Ubaid :

Great now i expect to see this on your blog as fast as possible

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