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Thursday, July 23, 2009 Comments: 4
Your request:
This is my second request.
It'll be put here:

I made it using MS Paint :P Give it an artistic touch... I'd prefer a colourful design (: You can edit it as you like... even format the text. Just don't change the location of the images... apart from that, do as you like (:

Colours: Pink and black. OR multi-coloured.

I don't need it before 20th July :P Take as long as you like. Thanks (:

click to enlarge!

and alsooo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

Comments: 4

momalmushtaq :

I'm totally... simply... truly... BADLY... lovin' it :D GREAT work (:

M. M. :

This is a message for Umer...
I'm holding a contest at my blog! I'd really love it if you'd participate! Ubaid can participate for Beyond the Canvas and you can for Rickety Arts :P Anyway, it's upto you! Thanks again for this awesome Twitter background... And best wishes (:

Umer :

okie doke.. i'll have a look at your blog andd join :)

momalmushtaq : => Give this a look, too :P

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