Sunday, August 16, 2009 Comments: 7
Sorry been away, and well i had my reasons to it, i was working on some projects and am still working on them. I just launhced my first website for a group of colleges here, although the website isn't complete but i have launched it's first page. So check this out:

Anyways i know there are alot of requests pending, but trust me, am really busy with work and getting admission and stuff, so its requested to wait a week more, for the templates... The order would be first Komal would be getting her template then others...
Edit: This is just for the template section, rest would be going on as they were.


and another important message. LOGO making, or anyother commercial work, would be charged! So requesting that won't make any difference you'll have to email me on ubaid11@hotmail.com and i'll get back to you a.s.ap for such work.

Take care,

Comments: 7

Anonymous :

Oye jee business shuru kar ditta hay? :p and the website looks funky and creative, nice.

Ubaid :

sir gee, business toh kafi dair sey hi tha... bus elaan ab kiya :p

funkyy hawww it should be royal and creative... yani decent ;)

thank you by the way....

and oh you do know, that i take money for the logo thingy.... :P so thats why i didn't make your logo... although its very cheap... per phir bhi aap dekh lo :)

Anonymous :

Haan Haan Royal hee, and elegant..too :p
Yeah i know, waisey abee tho confused hoon, i am still thinking about the other things in it, but i'll need a logo. Hmm, i'll let you know, when i need one, will you take payment through pay pal by any chance?

Ubaid :

no dude no PAY PAL... i have an international account for it...

hehehe take your time dude... if its worth it then go for it... warna rehn dayna.... and hehehe thanks for the comments about the website ;)

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