A.k's request

Friday, April 2, 2010 Comments: 3
your request:

Q1: Screen Resolution
i do not know :/
Q2: favorite color?
i love every color.. use whatever u like

Q3: What do you want the colors in your theme be comprised of
c: Contrasting Colors or what ever you like.

Q 4: Do you have any specific image you want me to use in it ?
no .

Q5: Link of the place where you'll be placing it.

Q6:Do you want anything written on it ?
" AYESHA " ,place it any where any whay you want

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Comments: 3

herfragments :

awww. thnks..i like it it reflects me smhow..
:) thank u

Umer :

yaay! glad you like it.. i tried keeping it in the color of your blog =)

herfragments :

hey see my new banner? hows it. i made it myself
i get jeloused frm talented ppl so quickly :/ lol sorry heheh :p

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