Alexogi's Request

Thursday, September 9, 2010 Comments
Your request:

Q1: Screen Resolution

Q2: favorite color?

Q3: What do you want the colors in your theme be comprised of?
So colors -- the cat, the street lamp, the street -- all dark colors. Black, indiogo etc.

I would like my banner to look very vintage. And french. a black cat who`s walking in the night, she passes by the street lamp, which makes a nice light, like in the cartoons -- this in a side. In the other side the light turns out in flowers -- link: .
But the street lamp and the cat -- not very big. Smaller then those flowers xx
Q4: Do you have any specific image you want me to use in it ?
Q5: Link of the place where you'll be placing it.

Q6:Do you want anything written on it ?
Alexogi`s Blog - somewhere down. Left or right - doesn`t matter. Small size. Not very Big.
Don`t forget please xD Vintage, Soft, French.

Thank you !!! :x


I'm sorry but the cat coouldnt fit in the picture.

Click to enlarge =)


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